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Manuals & Other Downloads

Product Code(s)DescriptionDownload Link
*Gasoline Engines
KM001KRSC-001 Buggies
KM118Baja T1000 GT Bumper Kit
KM140Baja Truck Body Mounting Conversion Kit
KM43King Motor Baja V1 2-Speed Transmission Kit
KM66002Mechanical Brake Kit
KM66073Dual Shock Conversion Kit
KM66077King Motor Baja V2 2-Speed Kit
KM66082-19King Motor Hobbywing EZRUN MAX5 8S 200A Waterproof ESC
KMBL5B001Triton Baja Roll Cage
KMCAMKing Motor Camera Car
KME1King Motor Explorer I Truck
KME2King Motor Explorer II Truck
KMEVO1/5 Scale EVO Brushless Electric Buggy
KMF003-5Flysky GT3B 2.4GHZ Transmitter
KMF007MT-3D 2.4GHz 3-Channel Digital Surface Transmitter
KMRX, KMRX21/7 Explorer RX 4WD Rally Car
KMRC4GRC4G 2.4GHz 4-Channel Digital Surface Transmitter
KMT10001/5 Scale T1000 Truck
KMT1000A1/5 Scale T1000A Truck
KMT20001/5 Scale T2000 Gas Truck
KMTYRANT21/8 Scale RTR Tyrant 2 4WD Monster Truck
KMX2-04, KMX2R-01King Motor 1/5 Scale X2 4WD Gas Truck
*CTI Certificate
*CTI Report

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