Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special 2019

Black Friday Comes Early This Year!
Save $50 off 30.5cc Gas buggies

Now through December 4th, save an additional $50 off the already discounted price of the 30.5cc 1/5 scale gas buggies. Save on your choice of wild orange or wild gray buggy. These special edition buggies feature a lot of great aluminum upgrades right out of the box. They also come equipped with a THOR tuned pipe and can hit speeds upward of 40mph! On top of the discount you'll also receive a free LED light kit and free dust covers for the air filter and pull starter. These accessories will keep your buggy looking great while also protecting it from dust and dirt.
Save 10% Off All Parts - Use Code BLackFriday10
But that's not all! Anyone can use the code BlackFriday10 to save 10% on all in-stock parts. Whatever you're looking to pick up, now is the best time to do it. Here are some items you may want to take a look at:
Remember to use the code BlackFriday10 at checkout to save 10% off the above prices!